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2016 Exam Schedule & Procedures
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Examinations for Landscape Irrigators and Irrigation Technicians

2016 Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) IRRIGATOR/TECHNICIAN

 License Exam Schedule/Application Procedures


Below is the Licensed Irrigator/Licensed Technician exam schedule for January through December 2016.  TEEX intends to conduct 27 exams at TEEX centers and other public facilities located across the State.  Please note: a Spanish interpreter will be available on two exam dates scheduled at the TEEX San Antonio facility and exam fees will be $100 for all exams including Technician and all re-tests.

Please note: You must send the following information to TEEX at least 14 days before your scheduled exam date:

  • A completed, original application
  • A copy of your certificate of completion for TCEQ-approved Basic Training Course
  • Your license and exam fees (paid by credit card, money order, or cashier's check)
    ****  See more information in section under the Exam Dates table below  ****

Irrigator Exams Schedule (by date)
Administered by Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX).Exam Dates & Deadlines

April 14, 2016 09 El Paso
December 8, 2016 29 El Paso
February 24, 2016 05 Houston
April 21, 2016 11 Houston
June 23, 2016 15 Houston
August 25, 2016 20 Houston
October 27, 2016 25 Houston
December 15, 2016 30 Houston
April 14, 2016 10 Lubbock
October 13, 2016 24 Lubbock
January  15, 2016 01 Mesquite
February 5, 2016 04 Mesquite
March 3, 2016 06 Mesquite
April 8, 2016 08 Mesquite
May 12, 2016 12 Mesquite
June 10, 2016 14 Mesquite
July 8, 2016 16 Mesquite
August 12, 2016 19 Mesquite
September 9, 2016 21 Mesquite
November 4, 2016 26 Mesquite
December 2, 2016 28 Mesquite
January 28, 2016 03 Riverside
July 21, 2016 17 Riverside
October 6, 2016 23 Riverside
January 21, 2016 02 San Antonio
March 24, 2016 07 San Antonio
May 26, 2016 13 San Antonio
July 28, 2016 18 San Antonio
September 22, 2016 22 San Antonio
November 17, 2016 27 San Antonio

Irrigator Exams Schedule (by location)

Mesquite San Antonio Houston Riverside El Paso Lubbock
Jan 15
Feb 5
Mar 3
Apr 8
May 12
Jun 10
Jul 8
Aug 12
Sep 9
Nov 4
Dec 2
Jan 21
Mar 24
May 26
Jul 28
Sep 22
Nov 17
Feb 24
Mar 24
May 26
Jul 28
Sep 22
Nov 17
Jan 28
Jul 21
Oct 6
Apr 14
Dec 8
Apr 14
Oct 13

TEEX will be adding exam info to their web site - 

Application Procedures
The TEEX - EUPWTI - Customer Care Center must receive the following information from the applicant at least 14 days prior to the scheduled exam date. 

  • Completed, original application
  • A copy of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) approved Basic Training Course Certificate of Completion
  • TCEQ License Fee and Exam Fee (certified funds, cashier=s check, money order or credit card). Sorry, no personal checks or company checks. 

    Please make all funds payable to the Texas Engineering Extension Service
    Test TEEX Exam Fee TCEQ Lic. Fee Total Fee
    Irrigator License $100.00 $111.00 $211.00
    Technician License $100.00 $111.00*** $211.00
    Re-Test $100.00 ** $100.00


     ** Individuals who paid their initial license fee may retest up to 3 times within a 12-month period.

    ***No new installer license applications will be accepted after June 1, 2009.



TEEX - EUPWTI - Customer Care Center
301 Tarrow
College Station, TX 77840-7896
800-824-7303 or
TEEX - EUPWTI - Customer Care Center
3100 State Hwy 47
Bldg 7900, Rm 116
Bryan, TX 77807
800-824-7303 or


Customer Care Center
Customer Care Center
301 Tarrow   3100 State HWY 47
College Station, TX 77840-7896 Bldg 7900, Rm 116
800-824-7303 or 979-458-2001  Bryan, TX 77807
Applicants who are qualified will receive notification at least one week before the scheduled exam confirming they are eligible to take the exam. Please inform TEEX by mail or at the above listed phone numbers of any changes in your mailing address and/ or telephone number. We will make the appropriate changes in our records and concurrently notify the TCEQ of all changes.

General Exam Information:

The irrigator license examination is a one-day (8am-4pm) exam and the technician license examination is a 3-hour exam; sign-in for both exams will begin at 8am.

On the day of the exam, you are required to bring:

  • Your confirmation letter stating that you are qualified to sit for either the Landscape Irrigator or Technician exam
  • Proof of identification (valid driver's license, valid military ID or valid passport

The following equipment is required for the Irrigator License exam:

  • Engineering Scale
  • Hand Calculator (non-programmable)
  • Two (2) - number 2 Pencils

Cellular phones, pagers, computers, etc... are NOT permitted in the examination room.

Individuals who submit an incomplete application or inaccurate application information will be subject to processing delays that may preclude you from attending your requested exam date and location.

Please visit the TCEQ's website for all Texas Landscape Irrigation rules and regulations:



Announcement of Licensed Technician Exam

The TCEQ Landscape Irrigator Program offers the exam for Licensed Technician according to the schedule shown below. To qualify for the exam, the application AND fee must be received by the date specified in the schedule shown below. Completion of a basic training course is not required.

  • Training Required
  • Application for Exam and Fee
  • The Exam

Training Required

Completion of a basic training course before taking the Licensed Technician examination is NOT required.

Application for Exam and Fee

The application AND the $100 application fee must be postmarked by no later than the deadline date as specified in the schedule below. Your application must be approved before taking the exam.

Effective immediately, TEEX will take your name and mailing address and will mail you an application beginning April 1. To contact TEEX, call them at 1-800-824-7303.


The exam is held at the local test site. For detailed information contact TEEX,
call them at 1-800-824-7303.

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