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Sprinkler Design Service
Price: $150

I have designed this service to give irrigation professionals and homeowners the advice you need to plan and install the perfect sprinkler system. We have all made unnecessary trips to the irrigation supply warehouse or store because we bought the wrong materials, too much of one thing, or not enough of another. With this design service and planning, putting in a sprinkler system won’t be one of those projects. I will send you a computer drawn sprinkler system plan, customized to meet your yard’s needs.

I design all of the irrigation systems and landscape projects using the state of the art RainCAD™ design software. All irrigation systems are designed to achieve proper sprinkler coverage. Our design history ranges from small residential to large commercial design projects and sports fields.

This Sprinkler System Design Service is offered to help you design the most efficient watering system for your or your customer's property. This design will be developed by a licensed irrigator and will include the irrigators license seal.

This design will instruct you on where to place the sprinkler system components, and will help in the future with maintenance and possible repair on your system. This drawing is also beneficial in the sale of your home or property.

  1.  Print the Sprinkler Design Service graph paper from our website (make sure your browser's print settings are set to 0.5" all around)
  2. Draw your property.
  3. You will need to supply us with the static pressure of the water supply.
  4. Mail or fax the sketched plan and questionnaire back to us.
  5. Send Payment of $150 along with plan and questionnaire.

What You Get Back:

A complete design package consisting of the following:

bullet Color-coded sprinkler head placement and spray patterns
bullet Color-coded layout of zones, valves, pipe, timer and wire
bullet A valve-by-valve parts list for easy installation
bullet An itemized shopping list of all the parts you will need.

Option 1: Basic Service

Your design will be processed and sent to you in Adobe® Acrobat (PDF) format via email. Please make sure your email account has at least 2 MB of free space to receive the file.

Click here to see a sample of a custom designed irrigation system plan.

Click Here to Start the Design Service


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