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2016 Exam Schedule & Procedures
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DLM Instruction

2640 E. Parker Rd.
Muldoon, TX 78949

LI 3596

(832) 350-5809


The Irrigation Training course is designed to train irrigators prior to the Texas Irrigator Exam. Each class will be complete with students receiving a manual, various handouts including charts and tables, classroom instruction, design and hydraulic exercise, opportunities to practice test taking skills and a certificate of completion. 

The instructor, Mr. Dave McCullough, is a knowledgeable and informative speaker. He has been in the irrigation industry for over 30 years. The classes are fast paced, entertaining, and informative. Class space is limited. Pre-registration is required. For more information please contact us by telephone, mail, e-mail or fax.

if payment received at least 14 days prior to first day of class.
if payment received less than 14 days prior to first day of class.

  1. Rules, Regulations, and Standards (3 hours)
    1. Statute- Rules and Regulations
    2. How TCEQ Fits Into Irrigation in Texas
      1. Licensure
      2. Enforcement process
      3. Texas irrigators advisory council
    3. TCEQ Regulations for Landscape Irrigation
      1. City ordinances, etc.
      2. Chapter 290, Cross Connection Rules
  2. Terminology, Charts, and graphs relevant to the irrigation industry(3 hours)
    1. Nomenclature (ASTM, etc.)
    2. Scales, conversions, units of measure
    3. Reading and using  charts related to industry
    4. Materials and standards (class of pipe, etc.)
  3. Landscape irrigation system design (18 hours)
    1. Water conservation through design
    2. High efficiency design
    3. Plot plans
    4. Sprinkler head layout
    5. Sprinkler Performance Factors (Pattern, Spacing, Border, etc.)
    6. Precipitation rate
    7. Soil conditions and infiltration rates
    8. Water source (type, static pressure, etc.)
    9. Design of slope and hydraulics
    10. Loop main hydraulics
    11. Hydraulics of sprinkler
    12. Quick coupling systems design, layout and operation
    13. Zone
    14. Water hammer
    15. Pipe sizing and zoning
    16. Main (water source)
    17. Pressure loss
  4. System Components (9 hour)
    1. Cross Connection control (backflow prevention)
    2. Heads
    3. Valves
    4. Pipe and fittings
    5. Electrical wiring
    6. Automatic control
  5. Installation Techniques (7 hours)
    1. Making the water tap
    2. Solvent welding
    3. Wire connectors
    4. Blueprint reading
    5. Trenching (shoveling, ditching, and pulling)
    6. Boring (wet, dry)
    7. Pipe fitting (cement and temperature)
    8. Valve installation (boxes)
    9. Wire connections (splices)
    10. Timer installation
    11. Power supply hook-up
    12. Backfilling (water flood and dry pack)

Class is limited to the first 25 students who register.

Supplies Provided By Students
Engineers Scale
Architects Scale
Mechanical Pencil

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